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Scan step and Inventory queue

I'm using the scan step as the last step in a package, and it runs a file scan to make sure a config file was copied to the target PC. We have about 8,000 PCs in our Inventory, and they all run a daily standard scan.

The problem I'm running into is that in the mornings, there's essentially a traffic jam in Inventory of several thousand PCs queued for a scan. I deployed the package that ends with the file scan step, and it's joined the queue and is waiting for its turn. However, since there are almost 4,000 other items in the queue, this deployment is going to time out while we wait, and mark the deployment as failed.

Can scans that are kicked off by Deploy be prioritized in the queue in Inventory? If not, is there a setting where I can tell the package that queuing the scan is good enough to mark successful and to continue to the next step/complete the deployment?



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  • So I had to double check, but the priority scan feature in PDQ Inventory 17 will place those Scan Step scans in a as a priority scan.

  • Awesome! That sounds exactly like what I need.

  • I'm curious if this feature was removed?

    I'm looking for a prioritized scan step from deploy (v19.3.365).