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Deploy Cylance protection and Sentinel Agent with Tokens

How to deploy Cylance protection and Sentinel Agent with Tokens ?



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  • Below is currently how we deploy the Cylance installation, Enter your token under the Parameters section. enter image description here

    ~~Found this for the Sentinel Agent, SENTINEL AGENT - Support

    The Network Installation function may be used to install SentinelAgent on multiple machines on your network. Clicking on [Generate Install Key] will create a unique hash key for your account, allowing you to deploy the MSI package with any tool you choose. Simply download the agent once and then deploy following the below syntax: msiexec /i Sentinel.Agent.Setup.Release.vX.X.X.X.msi /quiet InstallKey=~~

    Hope it helps!

  • Thanks a lot for your great response. Cylance installed successfully with this method.But I have Sentinel agent.exe and its site link is (

  • I solved Seintinel one agent problem. Thanks.