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Branch Offices

We have offices in different countries, PDQ Deploy could be used with DFS server for deployments what configuration is recommended for branch offices for PDQ Inventory?

Does it have the ability to have a central server?


Julio Vivas



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  • We have a share setup in namespaces, and have it replicated through DFS to all of our outlying locations.

    Under Repository in Deploy, we have it pointing to this share. From that point, we use the $(Repository) variable to pull from the local DFS share so it doesn't pull across the WAN.

    For the sites that do not have a local DFS share (we have a couple of outliers), I installed chocolatey on the remote workstations and have it pulling packages across the internet using a PDQ job.

  • Thanks, I will check it

  • I did same in my 10 locations, 1 windows server with DFS namespace root and 9 basic ubuntu workstations (domain joined) with big harddrives for plain DFS repository deploy shares as referral tartgets in windows dfs. all are synced with robocopy. pdq deployment as pull.