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Feature request - Self service portal

Dear PDQ Team,

i'm thinking about a good feature to add into PDQ Deploy...

It will interesting to have a self service portal accessible by the lambda users to proceed to the deployment of their choice on their computer.




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  • Could add it to the Agent. example:

    Packages would have an option that could be checked stating: "Allow deployment from Agent" You could also set an Agent deployment password as an option. This way students could not deploy but teachers with password could deploy.

    This is the same type of feature that used to be in the old Ghost client. You could click the ghost agent icon in system tray and push packages right from the users desktop.

  • Up, an answer from PDQ will be greatly appreciated 😃

  • I have added this to a list. I have no ETA on when/if it might be implemented.

  • Thank you for your answer Colby.

    I hope that it will be quickly implemented.


  • My boss is requesting this feature as well. He would like a list of applications presented to the user that would allow them to request PDQ deploy to install.

  • We will really interested by a feature like this !!


  • Hi the team,

    is there some news about this feature request ?

    Thank you,

  • Sorry, no news. We are working on many things, so it could be years.

  • +1 This would be useful and a huge selling point for the software

  • Adding my thoughts that it would be a fantastic feature and reduce even more overhead if a self-service portal / storefront were implemented.

    A simple option in each package to display on storefront, and later down the road perhaps integrated with AD permissions to allow for certain users to see certain packages.

    Right now this is why I've seen people passing on PDQ in favor of other products, due to the lack of no storefront.

  • This would be a great feature to add to PDQ Deploy.

  • I'm shocked this is not already part of the product. We had a similar product at my last company that offered a self service software catalog, seems necessary considering the additional work this provides techs in an organization without SCCM.

    Our current org uses this but i hope to move from PDQ simply based off not having this feature. Disappointing...

  • Agreed that this is a feature we would also like to add.

    But unlike above customer I would absolutely NOT consider leaving PDQ based on not having a Self Service option. The product is far superior to alternatives in every other way.

  • @... - Are there any updates on whether a Self Service is actually in the pipeline? (Even if its next year or two)

  • We don't currently have anything planned. It's something I too would love to have, but I don't foresee it happening soon.

  •  I will add my support for a self service option for employees. This would be tremendously helpful...

  • Damn... was really hoping PDQ would get there first.

    After today's O365 disaster update, I started back on the hunt for self-service. Not sure if Chocolatey's solution allows for custom deployments, but it would only be a matter of time otherwise.


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