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Feature Request - Option to use "offset" of days in schedule


I use PDQ to automatically patch our workstations/servers after patch Tuesday (Which is the 2nd Tuesday every month). It would be great if PDQ Deploy allowed us to put "2 days after 2nd Tuesday", in a schedule as sometimes the 2nd Thursday happens before the 2nd Tuesday, like it did this month.




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  • This would be an amazing addition for PDQ. My colleagues and I are also looking to for this feature to manage patches.

  • I agree, this would be awesome. We use SCCM for WSUS updates but use Deploy for third-party application patching. We have a specific schedule for WSUS and third-party applications where it is based off a specific week of each month. So being able to start a schedule based off X-number of days from the Monday or Tuesday of a specific week would be great!

  • I'm working on this same thing right now. I know I could use third Tuesday to be sure, but I've broken up the deployment into Stage 1 for non-critical servers to be sure nothing is up with the released updates, and Stage 2 for the rest. I don't want to use 4th Tuesday for that group since 2 weeks could be a long time to remain unpatched. You also can't just use 2nd Wednesday, since the month may have started on a Wednesday and the second one would be after the first Tuesday. 

    I wonder if there is a way to return a result from PowerShell into a variable that would determine if patch Tuesday has occurred or not?

  • Currently about to purchase PDQ and have run into this with scheduling, I have used PDQ in the past with over 6 years of experience and adore this software, I have not needed such a strict schedule in the past but I do in my current role, I know this is likely not easily implemented but a new trigger type that allows for this type of scheduling would be extremely helpful as otherwise I am going to have to check every month that the schedule is correct. I even tried looking into updating custom varibles via powershell and task scheduler but the custom varibles can't be used in any date fields in the schedule, there also doesn't seem to be a way to update schedule dates from the Deploy CLI.

    The other option for this would be to have linked schdules that way you could say 7 days after the first schedule tiggers and know its the next tuesday.

    Please bump this feature up! you guys do awesome work.


  • The CLI doesn't have the option for updating schedule deployment dates but you can accomplish it via SQLite commands to the database. I was able to build a custom process/script which is deployed from PDQ itself to accomplish the offset days for now. I would still love it if this became a feature in Deploy.