Change repository location on multiple pre-existing packages



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  • Luke Barone

    OK, I figured out how to do it. After launching the SQLite Console (Be careful to replace C:\PDQ_Packages\LocalPackages with your current local-only path):

    UPDATE InstallSteps SET FileName = replace( Filename, 'C:\PDQ_Packages\LocalPackages', '$(Repository)' ) WHERE FileName LIKE 'C:\PDQ_Packages\LocalPackages\%';
    UPDATE InstallSteps SET Files = replace( Files, 'C:\PDQ_Packages\LocalPackages', '$(Repository)' ) WHERE Files LIKE 'C:\PDQ_Packages\LocalPackages\%';
    UPDATE FileCopySteps SET Source = replace( Source, 'C:\PDQ_Packages\LocalPackages', '$(Repository)' ) WHERE Source LIKE 'C:\PDQ_Packages\LocalPackages\%';
    .save Database2

    Ensure PDQ Deploy is closed. Open an administrative Command Prompt / Powershell, and run:

    net stop "PDQ Deploy"
    net start "PDQ Deploy"

    After going back into PDQ Deploy, I could see 3 packages where the files could not be found (out of hundreds), and I noticed that I didn't want those packages anyways. Now, everything is pointing to a file server, making my PDQ install very portable.

    As well, please make sure you backup your database if you are unsure of what you're doing! By default, it is located at C:\ProgramData\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Deploy\Database.db. Copy it to another location before editing the database manually!

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