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Duplicate Auto Reports?

Myself and anyone else I send an auto report to is receiving duplicate reports (any auto report I create). Any ideas on where to look?



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  • Hey Robert, this was a bug and a newer customer build should help fix this, just get to us at

  • I'd rather wait for a public release and I've been bitten in the ass before using the "Pre-Release" customer builds. But thanks for the heads up!

  • Customer builds (which is what we've got for you if you hit us up at actually contain fixes from development specifically for customer-reported bugs that are slated for the next official release.

    If I recall correctly, the problems you had were caused by one of the Inventory 16 beta releases, which are truly not meant for production environments. We release betas in the hopes that bugs are found, reported, and fixed by the time the official release hits the stands.