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Please PDQ, for the love of God.., when are we going to have the option to use an ENTERPRISE database?

I've had to have support rebuild my database once, and I've had it become corrupted 3 more times on two different systems in the past two weeks (and just went back to a backup so I didn't have to wait for a support rebuild) and today it has bombed again...

Meanwhile I have a 20,000 workstation push for a new piece of software that my entire district is waiting on while I wait for PDQ to rebuild my database again. That, or I go back to yesterday's database and lose the 12 different multi step custom collections that I had to build and populate this morning and spend 3 hours building them all over again.

I've done everything asked of support to make this system work. I've created (THREE) separate systems with 3core i7-6700 CPU's, 64gigs of ram and a 1TB enterprise SSD. I've split up my network into three different computers with the above specs to lighten the workload. (Windows Updates, 3rd Party Updates, Misc software installs).

And yet I STILL have issue after issue because of the instance of PDQ to use SQLite. The bottleneck is not hardware or bandwidth, it's trying to use a database that was never meant to used in a large enterprise setting.

PDQ, You are killing me. So please tell me straight, are there ANY plans on offering your customers the ability to use a more robust database option ANYWHERE in the near future?



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    Look, I LOVE PDQ Inventory and Deploy, if I didn't I wouldn't be spending all this time trying to make it work for us. I just want a usable solution for large enterprises. (20,000+ endpoints). There needs to be an option to use something more robust than SQLite.

  • Hi Robert,

    You are correct in the fact that your environment is stressing out SQLite beyond its limits.

    The short answer is Yes. In all candor we are seriously examining Microsoft SQL. Before we ever implement such a big move several requirements must be met. I won't go into all of them here but first and foremost is the seamless (or as near to seamless as possible) upgrade of existing SQLite DBs.

    I will not provide expected dates on this move. The DB issue has our attention and not just in the passive sense.


  • Shane,

    That's exactly what I was looking for, thank you VERY much!

    Just an FYI, We would be more than happy to be an Alpha/Beta tester for MSSQL. I'm even willing to start with a fresh database, no conversion from SQLite needed.

    Thanks again.

  • Thanks for the offer, Robert. When we get to that point we may reach out. These major changes always increase the ol' blood pressure so we are grateful for the offer.

  • You are welcome, sorry for the harsh posts on this subject, it's just been a very frustrating few months for me trying to get PDQ to work for us. I really, really, really would like to drop Manage Engine Desktop Central from our lineup.

  • I feel your pain. We use ManageEngine AssetExplorer, ServiceDesk, OpManager and EventlogAnalyzer and I hate all of them. They only thing they have going for them is that they are cheap, but the money you spend on staff keeping them running and upgraded offsets those savings. I'm looking for an affordable alternative to ELA right now and one of my co-workers wants to replace ServiceDesk/AssetExplorer. We're a much smaller shop than you but have MSSQL running on many servers so would not be averse to switching over to it instead of SQLite.

  • Just out of curiosity. Do the systems, PDQ Deploy is running on, contain any antivirus? If so, did you exclude the application data folders from scanning?


    C:\ProgramData\Admin Arsenal

    C:\Program Files\Admin Arsenal OR C:\Program Files (x86)\Admin Arsenal

    C:\Users*\AppData\Local\Admin Arsenal

  • No, I do not have any virus protection running on any of the machines running PDQ Deploy or PDQ Inventory.

  • For what it is worth, I would support the move to MSSQL for the other possibilities it would offer. The ability to expose the DB to my developers for use in enterprise dashboards and management reporting would add a lot of value to the product. One of the best use cases for this would be in building a listing of approved software and then using SQL and the PDQ DB to compare against the applications found in our environment. The results would be submitted for evaluation/remediation to our ticketing system.

    I too would be interested in beta testing.

  • Did you try the deployment from a system with a SSD drive?

  • Sorry for the SSD Question, I've forgotten to re-read your post and it seems that the Deletion of a post is not working as expected.

    I have just another question - What are your Performace settings in PDQ Deploy? Options > Preferences > Performance

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