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Any way to uninstall a hotfix?

Every once in a while we get a hotfix in the Windows/Office updates that won't play nice in our environment. We typically have a small handful of people who actually experience a performance problem as a result, so we generally uninstall the hotfixes (after blocking them from reinstalling) onesie-twosies for anyone who needs it so they can resume work sooner. (I don't handle WSUS or GP, so I'm looking for a more accessible and immediately useful solution.)

Is there a way either in Inventory or Deploy to uninstall the specific problematic hotfixes? Our general policy is to reboot PCs at EOD so anyone who doesn't notice a problem with the patch never will at that point; but handling the urgent cases takes a lot of IT's time the morning after patches get pushed through. (I think we'd all like that time to sip our fancy coffees instead of fix the hotmess hotfixes!)

Thanks in advance!



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