Feature Request: Power Status

I could really use the ability to determine if a computer is on AC power or battery. This way I could avoid pushing certain updates to machines that are on battery.



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  • I've seen some articles on WMI queries for battery. They may be, technically, "unsupported" queries. Take a look at

    Very interesting. You can use WMI to get the BatteryStatus=1 (but some laptops may discharge even when plugged in). The article recommends using PowerOnline instead, but it's unsupported. See how those work. Hopefully that gets you in the right direction.

  • $Is_Laptop_Plugged = (Get-WmiObject -Class BatteryStatus -Namespace root\wmi).PowerOnline 
    if ($Is_Laptop_Plugged -eq $true) {
    Write-Output "The laptop is plugged in"
    else {
    Write-Error "The laptop is on battery"

    Just use the code above as the first step of your deployment and set the Error Mode (under Options) to "Stope Deployment with Error"


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