Package should fail based on PDQ error...

I am rolling out Office 16 based on membership collection. The problem is, for whatever reason, PDQ Deploy (17b1) cannot connect to PDQ Inventory (17b4) to query its collection membership sometimes.

When this happens, it SHOULD fail I would think.. however, it doesn't, it just skips the step and says "Everything is great" and finishes up the deployment:

enter image description here

The output log shows:

Integration timed out in PDQInventory

This is throwing off our rollout since everyone believes everything is okay, but it's not.



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  • Worked with the guys, cleaned up the database which should help. But also came across another possible fix:

    Saw that it failed most often when selected "NOT a member of collection x". It seems it times out when enumerating if it's NOT part of a collection. So instead, I build a dynamic collection that held this query - if it DOESN'T have a certain application, add to this dynamic collection. Then instead of selecting "NOT a member of collection", I pointed it to this collection and said "if it IS part of this collection"...

    We'll find out on our next rollout if it fixes it.


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