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Intune and PDQ Inventory/Deploy

Just curious where we are on Microsoft Intune managed devices and PDQ Inventory, and even better if we can use PDQ Deploy on Intune managed devices.

Anyone doing this yet?

Thanks, Tim Bryant



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  • I am also in the same boat. If this product worked with external machines and could deploy custom packages... would be great. ie cache packages from a central location and run locally or something. Also no install credentials should be required if the agent runs under local system. Is this type of setup being considered?

    Thanks! Dan

  • In my case, the Lenovo 300e computers reside on our network most of the time, so it should be as easy as adding the network to scan.

    If I deploy the agent to them, will it catch them when they leave the network?

    Would be great to have a walk through of how to pull this off within Intune.

  • Still looking for a solution. They are all in DHCP, and they register in DNS, they just aren't in our local AD. Anyone have an idea on how we can discover them and pull them into PDQ?

    I've got a firewall exception that should allow all traffic to and from from my PDQ Inventory server.

  • Nothing? I'm surprised that no one is using PDQ and Microsoft Intune? I know the agent has been put off for now, but it would be great to be able to schedule deployments for Intune devices and catch them when they come back on campus.


    Any ideas on how I could pull that off?

  • Have we heard anything on this? The VPN client solution doesn't look like it's going to work for me. I need to be able to manage the devices at least when they come back on campus.

    How can I populate PDQ Deploy and Inventory from what is in Intune/Endpoint Management?

  • When the pandemic started we set up a split-tunnel VPN using our Palo Alto firewall, which works well enough for now. We would also like to see a more integrated solution with Intune. Thought that it was very nice of PDQ to release essentially a free VPN to cover people who don't already have a VPN. 

  • Definitely need a bump on this, and some type of update from PDQ on what the game plan might be?