Anyway to pull the department field from AD into the inventory screen



  • Chris James

    I was hoping there would be an easy way to pull this information with the WMI scanner, but my initial research is proving to be quite futile 😦 Due to the nature of information WMI pulls in from AD it has the information of ALL computers in the local tables. Even if the scan worked you would not be able to add this information to the columns in Inventory.

    This would be query you could run to pull those fields into Inventory, but currently there is not a method for expanding variables in a WMI Scanner's query statement: SELECT DS_department FROM ds_computer WHERE ds_name="TARGETCOMPUTERNAME"

    Your best bet would be to gather the information with PowerShell and import that data into a Custom Field. I'm going to see if I can get some features considered for the future internally, but no promises.

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  • Aaron Eccles

    Thanks for taking a look and the future consideration

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