PDQ Inventory - Another "Duplicate Computer Hosts Name"

Can not add several computers to PDQ Inventory as it says they are "Duplicate Computer Hosts Name". -I check the IP of the one I want to add (ComputerA), and notice PDQ inventory already has a machine in inventory with that IP number (ComputerB). I run a PDQ Inventory scan(ComputerB) and it says I am logged in to that machine, so PDQ thinks (ComputerB) really is (ComputerA)

I ping new machine (ComputerA) by name and get the correct IP. I ping IP and get (ComputerA) compname. I ping (ComputerB) by name - and it can not be found So, DNS is correct...

We've checked all the scavanging settings with DNS. I've alse checked aroung PDQ forums and have scoured the web. Any thoughts? Is there a PDQ Inventory database cleaner / compactor or something I can do to refresh the database without losing info on my clients?

Version: PDQ Inventory Enterprise

Any and all suggestions appreciated.




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