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Inventory Dashboard

Hi folks! i've got an idea that i think would benefit a lot customers. I'd like to have a dashboard that will show me what computers have old Software based on Inventory collections.

I then would run Deploy from the Dashboard and the package(s) that need an update would be already selected.

Let me know what you think. And maybe put it into Deploy 19... 😉



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  • I came on to suggest an idea like this. Hope you don't mind if I bump this old thread instead of making a new one.

    Why stop at making the dashboard for PDQi? how about an intermediary dashboard which can cooperate with PDQi and PDQd?

    I got the idea when I was switching tasks between two modes. On one hand I was testing a deployment of a security program update. Then I switched gears to handle driver updates with a different tool. All while working between PDQd and PDQi.

    It hit me. I'm scrolling up and down in folders in this interface, and I know where everything is because I made it that way.
    Why not have some "third" place that I can link everything into? Like a dashboard where I can see PDQi lists and the related update tools beside it? That has a lot of potential to help me hone certain workflows and crosstrain others to do simple tasks.