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Feature Request - Deploy

I would like to request that the Conditions, Options, and Offline Settings tabs be marked if the default settings have been changed. For example, if Step 1 of a package has Run As changed to "Logged on User", put an asterisk (*) to the right of Options on the tab so it looks like "Options*". This visual cue would allow people to easily and quickly identify when settings have been changed without having to review every tab of every step and the Properties. Just clicking down from Properties to the last step you could see if those tabs have been changed. Details would not need this cue since it would be understood that it has been changed.

Thank you.

[EDIT] Patrick has a great suggestion below about adding an asterisk to the step name if one of the tabs above has an asterisk. This makes it even easier to find steps that have modified settings. I suggest an asterisk after the step's sequential number, like "Step 1* - What this step is doing title", since an asterisk at the end of the step name may get cut off if the title is too long.



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  • This would be very helpful.

  • Sounds useful. Wouldn't enjoy having to click on each step to see if an option change by looking for "Options*".

    A workaround I'm using, rename the steps.

    Step 1 - Uninstall Firefox *

    Step 2 - Install Firefox

    Step 3 - Set Firefox Homepage

    Step 4 - Install Extension *

    Step 1 and 4 will have different options from the default. Step 2 and 3 will use default settings.

  • That's a good idea. It's not automated, but it's better than nothing. I may start using this naming method going forward and update existing deployments the next time they are edited.

    I see your point about clicking on the steps. Adding the asterisk to the step name, like you're doing, would make this feature even better. I'll edit my original post to add this.


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