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How to save Get Logon History report

Gadzooks! I just found the Get Logon History for my devices in Inventory! After the Powershell runs, how can I extract/save that report as a TXT or other? Thanks!



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  • We have a copy of the script set to export to our own desktop. This is at the start of the script. There are probably better ways of doing this.

    $folder = 'logins'
    Write-Host ""
    $Path = "$env:userprofile\desktop"
    Set-Location -path $Path
    If((Test-Path $folder)-eq $True){ #if folder exists
    Write-Host -ForegroundColor Yellow "$Folder folder cannot be created at $Path - as it already exists"
    Else{ #if folder doesn't exist
    New-Item -Path $Folder -ItemType "Directory" | Out-Null
    Write-Host -ForegroundColor Green "$Folder created at $path"
    $Logins = "$Path\$Folder" 

    Then this is added onto the last line

    | out-file $logins\$(Computer:TARGET).txt