Anyone have a working Bluebeam Revu 2017 MSP update package?

This is what I've got currently.
It copies the file quickly and runs, completes successfully occasionally in only a few minutes on maybe 5% of machines, but times out on most computers after 2 hours. And it's cranking away at 90% CPU usage that whole time.

Once the deployment starts, if the user tries to open Revu, they get a message that an update is in progress, even if the deployment has timed out. Usually stays that way until they reboot. And then after reboot, the new version of Revu runs.

Install File: \\pdq\OurPackages\Bluebeam\2017.0.40\BbRevu2017x64_Update4\BbRevu2017x64_Update4.msp


I can use my separate "Uninstall Bluebeam Revu v2017.0.x", reboot, and "install Bluebeam Revu v2017.0.y" packages (much larger file sizes) much more dependably and quickly, just using more bandwidth.
(100MB for update, vs 922MB for full installer)

We're using DFS-N to pull either one from their local server at 1Gbps, and that part seems to be working fine.

Their support hasn't been much help (they agree it seems to match their deployment documentation), and they no longer have their user forums.

We haven't moved to 2018 yet because most of our users who've tried it prefer 2017. So I'm just trying to get them all to the latest 2017 release.




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