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Is there a way to set a list of allowed applications in PDQ Inventory or to create a "whitelist"?

Occasionally, some of our users will install applications on their own that are not part of our "Corporate Approved Application List", and I would like to have someway to quickly differentiate between what is and what isn't approved in PDQ Inventory.




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  • You will need to use another application to blacklist applications. The only one I have experience with is Carbon Black.

    You may be able to use PDQ to create a bunch of software collections, then another collection to add computers that have software that is not part of the software collections. The collections seem a bit more complex than I thought when I started working on it.

    Hopefully someone can come up with a collection for it. I will not prevent users, but the collection will show what is installed. That can be used to autodeploy an uninstall command.


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