Scan Step in Deploy partly working

Finally the Scan Step arrived! I wanted to request such a feature but found out it was already in the PDQ Deploy 17 beta release!

Anyway, installed PDQ Deploy today and started working with it. I added a simple scan step with the "Applications" scan profile; it gets started on the PDQ Inventory and it finishes but at the Deploy console it does not; how come?

Both Deploy and Inventory are installed in Client/Server mode, running on the same server. Deploy has 2 licenses, Inventory only one.



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  • Do you have Deploy or Inventory installed to a non-default location? If so, please contact for a customer build.

  • Yes! I do have installed both packages in a non-default location. Which is not necessary because it's on the C: of the server (RAID 6 of SSD's). Would the smart thing to do be a reinstall to default install locations? Or could I just add junction points in my file system? A Customer build would be nice but prevents me from updating future versions instantly. Junction points (and I am willing to test) would help other users as well.

  • I'm sorry, but I don't understand what you mean by "A Customer build would be nice but prevents me from updating future versions instantly". You can update from customer builds to release builds.

  • Yes, but wouldn't a release build generate the same problem again at that time?

    Anyway, I created the symbolic link (c:\Program Files (x86)\Admin Arsenal>mklink /d "PDQ Deploy" "C:\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Deploy") and the scan step immediatly started working as should!

  • No, this integration issue was just a bug in this specific release.

  • Ok, thanks for the feedback.


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