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Feature Request: Ability to break out download step from install step

There might already be a way to do this, and I'm just missing it.

If we could have a computer download packages at 10am, and install at 12pm, that would be amazing. We were trying to deploy a new install of AutoCAD to 40 computers, and it did not go as smoothly as hoped.

If there was a way to pre download the packages to PCs before scheduling an install, it would make large application deployments much smoother.

For example:
Step 1: Download AutoCAD.exe and directory
Step 2: Sleep until 12pm
Step 3: Message: Please close AutoCAD. Click OK to begin Installation.
Step 4: Install AutoCAD.exe



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  • There is not a way to predownload packages.

    However, there are a few things to try.

    Look into Push vs Pull. Using Pull Copy may make copying the files faster for large applications.

    You can try this too. It may be easier and work in your situation.

    1. Download the files to the server.

    2. Create a package and use the file copy step to copy the files to devices.

    3. Run package that will display your message.

    4. Use a script to run the installer locally on the device.

  • Hi,

    Patrick is correct, there is not a way to do this directly within Deploy, but you could accomplish something similar with schedules, and some manual cleanup.

    Schedule 1: File-Copy all required files to the target machines (pre-stage)

    Schedule 2: Command step executing the installers with proper parameters

    Schedule 3: Command step removing the previously copied installers

    You could make sure that you are getting files on machines, and removing them with a file and directory scanner: