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Uninstalling software listed from a Report

So i have just setup Deploy and Inventory Enterprise in trail to see if we go ahead with it. Previously all software was installed manually or via GPO which has been somewhat flaky.

I have generate a few reports that list all the different versions of say Adobe Reader and how many computers have it. I wonder if its possible to then select the software for say Adobe Reader DC version 15 from the report, it says there are 6 computers and right-click uninstall? If i got one of the machines and navigate to software i then have the options to uninstall or create and uninstall application.

Do need to add an extra field so that Inventory can recognize the software application so uninstall menu item appears?

Thanks, Dave.



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  • Go to one of the computers that has the software installed. Look in the applications area for the software, right click on the software in the list and create an uninstall package and then apply that package to a dynamic group that consists of the computers with that software installed.

  • yeh saw that, just though given i can right click on one of the computers and uninstall i might be able to do that from the report and install from the say 6 computers its says it has.. FEATURE 😃

  • Hi Dave, If you already have an uninstall packaged designed, you can deploy it from the report

    • Open your custom report
    • Select specific computers or all
    • Right-click the selection of computers > Tools > PDQ Deploy or use Ctrl + Alt + D
    • Select the relevant uninstall package and deploy

    enter image description here

  • yeh, found this just before lunch today.