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Skype Update

Hi all,

Currently experiencing issues with Skype 8+ wanting to auto update for our users.

We have tried the method of creating a logon script to delete the 'Skype-Setup.exe' application and then create a folder named 'Skype-Setup.exe' but this hasn't worked as anticipated, as some users are still getting the prompts for admin credentials to install/update.

The odd thing is that the prompt seems to be two-factor authentication as when the UAC prompt initially pops up, it only accepts admin credentials (as expected), but then the odd thing is that a second UAC prompt appears after this and only accepts the credentials of the current local user.

Has anyone had similar experiences?

I was thinking about trying the following:

Has anyone else who has experienced this problem tried this?




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  • I haven't tried the registry edit, and I've actually had really good results by replacing Skype-Setup.exe with a folder. For the users that are getting UAC popups, is their "%appdata%\Microsoft\Skype for Desktop\Skype-Setup.exe" replaced with a folder, or did skype revert it back to the update executable?

  • This solution works well enough Disable Skype 8 Automatic Updates

  • It was replaced with a file by Skype.

  • I'm already doing this, but Skype is randomly removing the folder and replacing it back with the update exe.