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Skype 7 Will No Longer Work September 1st 2018


Skype Classic (or 7 and lower) will no longer work September 1st 2018. It's being replaced with Skype 8.x.

The latest PDQ package for Skype is

Can we expect a PDQ package for Skype 8.x soon?

Thank you.



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  • This is the exact question that brought me to the forum. Curious about this as well.

  • PDQ has been slacking on maintaining packages.

  • Our packaging team is currently investigating the Skype 8 package and how it might fit into the Package Library. We've always offered the track of Skype that, years ago, was referred to as Skype for Business. As Skype has evolved and Office 365 has introduced a true and different Skype for Business, the track of Skype we have always offered is being discontinued. Because Skype 8 has traditionally been Skype for Desktop intended for home users, we've held off on introducing it into the package library. We don't often have requests for home or consumer software from our customers to use in their enterprise and business environments.

    The current Skype 8 installer has some odd behaviors when an existing Skype 7 install is present. To avoid breaking those existing installs or causing end-user painc and revolt, we're doing extra testing for the smoothest and most gentle install process.

    In the mean time, building a package is pretty simple as long as you first remove Skype 7 from the machines. Grab the Uninstall Skype package from the package library to uninstall first. Beyond that, all you need to do is download Skype 8 and drop it into an install step with the following parameters:


    And lucky for you, Skype will force itself to auto update -- boy, that feels pretty unnatural to say!

    Keep an eye out for either the Skype package or lots more information about what's up with the Package Library and Skype.

  • Are there any specific packages you could point me to, I'd love to check on them. Sometimes things slip past us, and constructive feedback is highly valued!