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Question about Audo Download package and auto installation

One of the auto download packages that we have is Adobe Reader DC 2017. We have it set to auto approve after 21 days of being available. We also have an auto install schedule that runs nightly to install on any Windows 10 computers that are members of the Missing/Outdated dynamic collection. A problem that we're running in to is that once computers are added to the dynamic collection, because they've registered as outdated, the package runs, uninstalls and reinstalls the same version every night even though the new version isn't actually approved until 21 days have passed.

This isn't as much of a problem with a package that only runs the installation step and does not require an uninstall step to be run first. But, with the Adobe Reader package requiring uninstall first, I think it is causing us a separate issue. Many of our users have been reporting that their default PDF viewer is changing to Google Chrome and I am wondering if it is because when Adobe Reader uninstalls it is changing the default pdf viewer and not changing it back when Reader is reinstalled.

Is there any way to make the schedule run only if the new version is actually downloaded and available for installation?



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  • In doing some more reading, it sounds like I can use the 'stop deploying to targets once they succeed' schedule option to prevent reinstalling the same version over and over. I will give this a try.