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Java Autodeploy, Exclude Targets

I have an Auto Deployment setup with Java in Deploy & Inventory and it works great! Unfortunately I have a handful of machines that need to be logged off + logged back in for it to work properly. These machines are locked down and just runs a web UI for users to log in.

My Question: Is it possible to exclude these machines from my Java Auto Deployment so I can setup a separate Auto Deployment with custom steps?

Any other tips or tricks to solve that scenario?



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  • If you know all the devices it's easy:

    Create a custom "static" collection and put in all this devices.

    enter image description here

    Now you can set the conditions of the regular Java deployment to "Is Not A Member" and point to your static collection.

    enter image description here

    Now all devices in you static collection are skipped for this deployment.

    Now create your second deploment for this special devices and say "Is A Member" and point again to the collection.

    Now you can be sure that the second java setup only runs on this devices inside the static collection.

  • Thank you for the reply and suggestion. I will have to try this route for sure. I also have 1 user account that runs on those locked down computers + I have a collection of those targets that have that user account. Maybe I could have a condition that ignores the registry entry for that user account on the main Java Auto Deploy?

  • 2nd thought, registry entry might not work.

    So can the Static collection live anywhere on the Inventory list now that I set it as a Member?

  • I think I get it now, It took me a while to wrap my head around the idea. The schedule targets Old Java so anything listed in there gets update with the condition of "is Not A Member" and that points to the new collection I just created and marked those locked down machines as Members. Therefore schedule deploys to all targets except collection with members.