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Copy files to multiple computers

In the PDQ blog there is an example that says:

"In this example we will copy the appropriately popular PSTools to multiple computers. Create a new package for PSTools. In this case we’re not going to add each of the PSTools files separately (that’s a lot of files). Rather we’re going to run xcopy in our command step. Follow the same procedure as above to create a new package and add a Command step. This time however keep the Additional Files blank and in the command window, type the following:"

xcopy "\PSTools" "%WINDIR\PSTools\PSTools" /I /E /Y

I don't understand where the source PSTools folder is located.

Is it in the same computer where PDQDeploy is installed?



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  • *Edit: Watched the video, they are using the additional files feature which is copying the specified files to the staging directory, then "\PSTools" is referring to the staging directory for copying to their final destination.

    Article in question? This article is from 2014, I think the "\PSTools" just referred to the repository location before there were custom/system variables added.

    Here is xcopy I use for deploying custom shortcuts, you can use the (x) on the right-hand side to find/use variables or create custom variables. $(Repository) is a standard system variable, this can be modified in your inventory preferences to point to the correct direction containing your files. Also worth noting that all package library files are stored in this location as well.

    enter image description here

  • Thank you very much Triggels, your explanation did the trick.