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PDQ Deploy/Inventory stalling when connecting to machines

We've recently discovered an issue where PDQ Deploy and Inventory will occasionally stall when trying to connect to machines. In Inventory, we will see a list of machines queued for scanning, but no action being taken, and in Deploy, a list of machines stuck in the "Connecting" state. This stall happens uniquely for each application, and can be remedied by restarting the Background service for the impacted application.

It may be red herring, but I found that these stalls only occurred after windows logged event ID 20499 from source "TerminalServices-RemoteConnectionManager" saying "Remote Desktop Services has taken too long to load the user configuration from server \ for user PDQ_ServiceAccount" (names have been changed to protect the innocent). We've also got the July M$ updates installed.

Thoughts? Suggestions?



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  • I noticed this issue about two versions ago. Can't remember the version number. Membership will keep updating even though no computers are scanning. I am on

    I don't have anything to add or help troubleshoot, but the issue is occurring for us also.