New user having some issues.

Hi All,

Just installed Deploy and Inventory, purchased both so running in Enterprise mode. I have encountered some issues, wonder if anyone can help. Issues as below:

  1. Scan after deployment is not working. I have tried every which way of configuring it, including having it selected simultaneously in preferences, package and schedule settings.

  2. If I schedule a deployment (which succeeds) then uninstall the package from the target PC and then reschedule the same package to be deployed again to the same target, it does not run . There is no error, it just does not install.

Thanks Craig



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  • OK so I think I have solved this. I did not realise this, but it appears that Deploy uses the 'Target history' of the schedule to decide whether or not to actually perform a deployment. I deleted the target history for the PC I was working with and it then deployed and scanned.

  • If you want a package to attempt to re-deploy each time a schedule is kicked off go to the options tab in that schedule and un-check 'Stop deploying to targets once they succeed'.



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