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[SOLVED] PDQ inventory: Visual C++ Collections - what are "old and latest"?


Browsing through the built-in Microsoft Visual C++ collections, I see (under each bitness) 4 collections;

Built-in collections for Visual C++

Why have "(old and latest)"?

And when might it be useful to target deployments to this collection?




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  • Good question. It is important to remember that a machine can (and often does) maintain multiple versions of the MS Visual C++ Runtime. Some applications require a specific version of the Runtime so Microsoft makes sure to not "upgrade" but to merely place versions next to each other. It's a compatibility thing.

    This collection is meant to let people know that computers in this collection do have the latest version as well as older versions. Basically it is FYI. We recommend that you use the Old or Not Installed collections as deployment sources (depending on your need).

  • Very helpful. Thanks.

    When I view the applications installed on a computer that is a member of the (old and latest) collection, I do indeed see multiple versions for the same runtime (even across x86 and x64)

    multiple c++ runtime installed