Feature Requests: Notify when online, bundle a package for offline deployment



  • Christian Bacher

    Alert Solution 1: Be the mountain not the prophet

    Create a Package with a Message Step like:

    enter image description here

    Schedule this package with a Hearbeat trigger and a 15min repeat trigger against a collection with your "road warrior" devices.

    If one comes into the office and online, he gets the message directly on his screen (and repeats every 15min). If he contact the support and the device is fixed, you remove him from the collection.

    Alert Solution 2: Don't trust the prophet

    You can use a Powershell script to send a alert Mail to you, using the same methode:

    Instead the message step, put in a Powershell step with this:

    Send-MailMessage -to "your.mail@your-domain.com" -from "PDQ Inventory pdq.inventory@your-domain.com" -Subject "Device is Online!" -body "A Road Warrior Device is Online, please check PDQ Inventory!" -SmtpServer "your.smtp.exchange.server"

    enter image description here

    Again, use a Heartbeat trigger against a collection with your "road warrior" devices, but maybe not the 15min trigger.

    Alert Solution 3: We are only humans

    Best Solution is a combination of both, send a mail in step 1 and the message in step 2.

    enter image description here

    You get a mail, he gets a Message.... should work!

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  • Michael Yorke

    @Christian - Thanks, I like the options! I'll have a play.

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