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Can anyone figure out a way to install this through PDQ? Unified Communications Managed API 5.0 Runtime

Microsoft Unified Communications Managed API 5.0 Runtime

I tried with /quiet and with /passive that I found online. Passive gave an error. Quiet just sits there and doesn't actually do anything. I need to install this runtime in order to install a different piece of software that we use and really wanted to have it go from PDQ without needing people to click stuff.




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  • I would open the .exe with something like 7-Zip and see if it has any msi's inside of it that you can run.

  • /quiet or /q worked fine for me just testing from command prompt, not from PDQ.

    Like Robert said, if you open the exe with 7-zip you can see the various msi's and exe's, there appears to be a few dependencies for that software.