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Domain Computers showing as Offline

Hello all,

I am managing a network with about 60 laptops on it. PDQ Inventory seems to think about half of these are offline at any time despite the fact that they are definitely not. This becomes quite the problem when trying to roll out software as several of them will fail due to offline status. If I continue to redeploy to them it will often pick up a few of the failed ones throughout the day. It seems several of the laptops pretty much always show as online as they should and conversely there are others that never show as online. A lot of them flip between working and not depending on the day/week.

Any ideas about this? It's been annoying me for some time now and I've been crawling through DNS settings and such trying to find what could be the issue. No joy as of yet. I'm hoping more minds and more qualified ones might be able to help.

Thanks in advance, Max.



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  • We get quite a lot of issues with wifi devices due to the fact they can change IP address when moving between AP's and the PDQ server will cache the DNS record for 24 hrs.

    If i try and ping the device from the PDQ server it will attempt to ping the old IP address and fail, run ipconfig /flushdns and try again then all is well.

    I've contemplated setting a scheduled task on the server to flush DNS records every hour or so, but doesn't seem a great solution.

  • I've been flushing the DNS on the server side and on the Remote Access box where the tools like PDQ are located fairly often during this issue and it doesn't seem to have solved it at any time so I'm really not sure what the issue is. Thanks anyway. If you think of anything else I'd love to hear it. M.

  • This is such a big issue and still not sure how to solve this? Devices are online when they are off. Deleting won't fix it either.

  • We made some improvements in that should help with that.