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"Optional" client recommendation

I wanted to make a recommendation regarding the optional client and custom deployments. I know you currently allow deploying the PDQ subscription deploys which makes complete sense since you control and maintain those. I'm guessing you're working on figuring out the best way to allow custom deploys when off network.

If you haven't looked into it already I would recommend looking at utilizing customers own online storage such as OneDrive for Business, Dropbox,, etc.

We use another great piece of software called SmartDeploy which is for computer imaging and they do something very similar. You upload your computer image to Onedrive for Business, and then you can remotely deploy that image to remote computers. This means SmartDeploy doesn't have to store customer data, but allows for remote customized deploys.

Just wanted to throw the idea out there if you hadn't already looked into it.

Keep rocking you're great solutions!!!