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PDQ Inventory License Check stopped working


I today got the message in my PDQ Inventory 16.5 that theres a new version available (16.6). I downloaded it and tried to install. But the installer shows the error: PDQ Inventory License Check stopped working. If I install it on a fresh computer it installs fine. If I click debug, the installer opens and updates the invenotry but afterwards the inevntory not opens anymore.

Has anything changed in the new version? Are there any new system rquirements? A reinstallation of the inventory brings the same errors and the .Net Framework is fine, PDQ Deploy works as it should. I now installed Inventory 16.5 again, which still works.

Greetings Benedikt



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  • This is a known bug we are investigating. Here's what you can try:

    1. Stop the PDQ Inventory service.
    2. Rename or move "log.db" and "InboundMessages.db" in "C:\ProgramData\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Inventory".
    3. Attempt to launch PDQ Inventory again.

    If that doesn't work, please contact

  • That worked, thank you very much!

  • Thanks, had the very same issue.

    After upgrading to 16.6 from 16.5, the CPU/memory usage seems to have dropped for PDQ Inventory 😃