Feature Request - Running Deployments



  • Mike Pullen

    Yes-- the "ID" column should have a "running" filter, or "status" should be its own column that can be filtered by (running, success, fail).

    Correlative to this thought-- is there a way to view a per-device list of deployments (running and not)? Similar to the All Deployments list, but listing individual targets so that targets could be filtered so that active and past (successful and failed) deployments can be viewed for a specific target. I have this need most frequently when deploying a lab of laptops: there are situations where I can't image and prepare them all simultaneously, so I do them in batches. However, keeping track of which devices "in a batch" are still in the middle of one or another assigned deployment and which are ready and can be switched out, is impossible...


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  • Anthony Weiss

    I just want to see which deployments are running. Inventory has a scans running link in the bottom right that lets me see active scans. Deploy has deployments running link in bottom right that just brings you to all deployments ever run. This should be an easy win here. Let us only see active deployments that are in process.

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  • Brian McLeod

    Has anyone got an updated on this.

    I would like to also only see the running deployments. I have so many in All Deployments I can't find the running ones.

    I can see how many are running from the bottom right link. That link only takes me too All Deployments, too many, no help.

    I don't have a running filter in the ID column.


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