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Problem with approving packages

Recently upgraded Deploy to v17.1.0.0 and having an issue trying to install packages from the Package Library.

The installers themselves are downloading fine to the Repository, but Deploy seems to be having trouble updating the package list to say that it is ready for deployment. Sits there with a red circle and an exclamation mark inside.

Application Log in Windows is reporting: Error : Package is in use.

It's doing this for all packages downloaded from Package Library since upgrade.

Any one have any clues?



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  • Hi RPS-Joel,

    This sounds like it could be an issue with an antivirus software scanning the files. There is a list of recommended antivirus exclusions below.

    If that doesn't work I encourage you to reach out to support for further assistance.

    Thanks, Dakota

  • Thanks Dakota, seems was the real-time scanning of the AV software (Sophos) getting in the way - now just have to figure out what has changed with it to make it get in the way of Deploy.