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Auto Deploy packages to computers that join Active Directory automatically

I am trying to see if this is possible to make my life easier. Is it possible to have different packages automatically deploy and install once a computer gets into Active Director and on the domain? We are trying to automate different packages that are standard with all machines (like Chrome, Firefox, Carbon Black, Forticlient, etc) to make the process faster when setting up new computers for users. With only 2 people that do this, simplifying the process would make it easier. Plus you wouldnt have to keep a list of what all needs to be installed every time.

Any help, direction or suggestions is GREATLY appreciated!!




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  • Yes. You can set a heartbeat trigger on a schedule for a specific OU in Active Directory. I have mine setup differently for my environment. I have a PDQ Inventory collection that finds any computer added to PDQ Inventory in the last day and excludes any servers. I then have a PDQ Deploy package of nested software packages setup to trigger on a schedule for said collection in PDQ Inventory. Works like a charm.

  • Can you share with me how you set that up? That sounds BRILLIANT! May be what I am looking for to help push out installs to new setups.

  • PDQ Inventory: Create a dynamic group where the group filter is All, then the Value filters are Computer-Date Added-After-1 day ago, Computer-O/S Name-Does Not Contain-Server

    PDQ Deploy: Create all the packages for the software you want to deploy. Then create another package that nests all these software packages (steps). Now create a schedule. I have mine setup to run every hour but you could probably get away with doing a heartbeat trigger. Set the target to be the dynamic group you setup in PDQ Inventory.

    Now, once a computer is added to PDQ Inventory at any time during the past 24 hours, the package of nested packages will deploy software to it.

  • To follow up on Brodiemac's explanation, here's how I built my collection - enter image description here

    There are a lot of different ways of building your filters - this just worked well in my environment. Create the package(s) in Deploy, create your schedule to have this collection as the target, and set the heartbeat.

  • Ok this may be what I am looking for. I will test this next week. Sorry havent gotten back, got busy. But thank you so much!!!!