Nested package status problem


If the nested package returns the value of success, then the package stops with a success mark and does not perform the next steps again. Earlier this was still working.



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    1. Which version of Deploy are you running? "Help --> About"
    2. Is the Error Mode on the Options tab of any of your steps set to "Stop Deployment with Success"?
  • Deploy version: Enterprise Mode


    ├Step 1

    ├Nested Package (Error Mode: Continue)

    |├Nested Package Step 1 (Error mode: Stop Deployment with Success)

    |└Nested Package Step 2 (Rollback function)

    └Step 2

    Usually Nested Package Step 1 return Stop Deployment with Success, and required go to Step 2. This works on 16.x and older version, but 17.x is not so.

  • I can confirm this, the error mode in nested packackes is bugged since Deploy 17.

    The error mode in the nested package step is ignored, instead the error mode from the original package kicks in all the time.

  • We have this fixed in a customer build. Send us a ticket and we'll hook you up with the fixed build.

  • How we can get this fix - customer build.


    If you send me instructions on 

    i will be glad to do necessery steps


  • @Ivaylo Stoyanov:

    This problem re-emerged in and has been fixed in the latest Nightly builds:

    It is also fixed in, but we had to remove that version due to a bug. We're hoping to have a new Release out within the next couple of days.


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