Deploy to online computers only?

With PDQ Deploy can you schedule a deployment to computers when they're online only? I tried doing a heartbeat schedule but my deployment still has hundreds of individual computer deployments failing due to the computer being offline. is "heartbeat" not checking criteria that would make a computer not "offline"?



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  • Hello!

    How I went about it was to add an extra sub-collection to my custom collections for Online and Offline. Then just set the automated schedules to target the Online collections. Don't forget to schedule scans if you go this path, possibly not the most elegant but works well for us.

    Hope it helps or gives you some ideas 😃

    Collection Example

    enter image description here

    Collection Filter Example

    enter image description here

  • Thanks I’ll give a try. Is there a way to set the update frequency of those collections? Updating “membership”?

  • Unsure about the exact details around the "Membership Updating" a PDQ Guru might need to take the lead on this one. To my knowledge Online and Offline is determined by the Heartbeat, this can run automatically once configured Preferences > Network > Auto Heartbeat. I have mine set to 300seconds (5 minutes) so Online and Offline computers are fairly current, I haven't noticed any substantial issues on my end with this.

    Also, don't forget you can create a Scan Profile to Trigger and Target your specific Collections, this may also help in certain cases


  • When you click a collection in PDQ Inventory it will say "Membership updating" in the top-right corner and force an update, refreshing members of the collection. I'm not sure if there's a way to have it automatically update the membership every 5 mins or something without me having to click on it.

  • So I'm still confused as to how the scheduling works when targetting PDQ Inventory collections.

    I have a PDQ deploy packaged Linked to a PDQ Inventory collection.
    The schedule is "Heartbeat" with a start time of midnight last night.
    The PDQ Inventory collection has 12 computers in it RIGHT NOW. PDQ Deploy is not deploying the package to those 12 computers, as I understand should be happening.
    It's just sitting there with 0 deployments.
    if I go to the Schedule tab of the deployment, right-click the schedule and choose "Start schedule > Current package" it starts to queue up a deployment to like 60 computers. Why isn't it the 12 currently in that collection?

  • Hello! This is straight from PDQ Deploy's documentation " Heartbeat Trigger: Deploys to target computers when their status changes from Offline to Online in PDQ Inventory. (Requires Enterprise mode for both PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory.) For more information, see Deploying When Target Computers Come Online with Heartbeat Schedules."

    It would be best to have daily/weekly/monthly triggers added as well as the heartbeat trigger so you can ensure updates are always deployed


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