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Clarification on Application Name Matches Pattern?

I copied the Chrome Installed collection to modify and change the pre-made application variable with a different application that I know is installed on only one computer. When I view it, it shows 0 computers. Do I need to add specification on version of the application, or am I not doing it right after duplicating the inventory collection?

In this instance the application name is "Wiztree". It's a variable in PDQ deploy already I'm assuming from previous scans? $(AppNameWiztree). This is a screenshot showing the collection criteria, the variable I specified. The collection renders 0 computers.

enter image description here



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  • Matches Pattern does not work because the application name is WizTree v3.26 and Matches Pattern, unless specified with wildcards, matches exactly. In your case, you should try using Starts With instead of Matches Pattern, but oddly enough Matches Expression works in this instance as well, because Matches Expression will match any part of the text where the match occurs.

    Which is what our Collection Library collection for WizTree alrea dy uses, which will be updated to use the more correct Starts With all the sub-collections use:

    Collection Library

  • Ok thanks and would be a good practice to "Link" a PDQ Deployment to this type of collection (collection where the computer doesn't have the application? This is a collection I want to keep down to 0 as much as possible.

  • Yes, if you never want computers in Inventory to not have this application that would be the best way.