Find and Delete a shortcut for all users

Is there a way to search through each users Desktop folder, for a particular shortcut link, and delete it? All computers are Windows 7.



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  • Hey Geoff,

    A quick foreach loop in PowerShell should take care of this,

    $files = Get-ChildItem C:\Users\*\Desktop\your_shortcut.lnk
    foreach ($file in $files)
        Remove-Item $file -Force -WhatIf

    You can run that on a target machine manually first to verify its doing what you would like. if it is, go ahead and remove the -WhatIF and you can run it as a PDQ Inventory Tool, or a PowerShell step in PDQ Deploy.


  • Worked like a charm. Thank you so much Josh.

  • I apologize for asking this, but I am still too new to PS scripts. I was wondering can this script be adapted to remove a Folder and all sub-folders  instead?




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