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  • Whitelist it in the admin console of your antivirus software (if you have one).

    As an alternative, do you even need it anymore? Almost every single software product out there natively will output to a .pdf format. Just a thought...

  • I could whitelist it but I was just wondering if it was a false positive or not and if it should even be in the deploy catalog. Anyway, I found a reddit post about it and people are on both sides of the issue. We'll just deploy one of the other PDF printer apps in the app catalog instead of whitelisting a questionable app.

    The built in save or export to pdf option that some apps offer is good but doesn't always come out the same. So, it's nice to have print to pdf as an option as well.


  • It looks like we don't really need a pdf write anymore because Windows 10 now has a Microsoft PDF printer built in. If we do need one, we decided to use Foxit Reader instead.


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