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PDQ Deploy and Docusign Print Driver

Hello all. I am trying to get PDQ to push out the Docusign print driver. It will either fail with the error code 1603 or the deployment will time out after an hour. It would be wonderful if PDQ could push this out. I have the documentation that included the parameters available for the msi (link provided below) and have tried running it but it isn't working. Has anyone successfully deployed the Docusign Print Driver out to computers using PDQ? If so, any advice would be helpful.

Docusign Quick Start Guide



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  • @JBurd Warning, the link that DrPsyche posted was a phishing link. I hope you didn't click it. I'm sorry that your comment got deleted along with their reply.

  • I didn't click it. I just saw the text of the link and it appeared to be directed to my post on Spiceworks about this same issue. Thank you for removing it though.