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help with Acrobat patch install

OK, so I am trying to update Adobe Acrobat from version 2015.006.30413 to the latest which looks to be 2015.006.30461.

  1. extracted Acrobat_2015_Web_WWMUI.exe
  2. Opened Adobe Customization Wizard and pointed it to the MSI file that was extracted
  3. I made some custom changes and then generated the MST file.
  4. I have the latest MSP file downloaded and saved to the same directory
  5. I modified the setup.ini file to include PATCH=Acrobat2015Upd15000630461.msp
  6. In PDQ Deploy I tried pointing to the AcroPro.msi and also the setup.exe
  7. Parameters I have it pointing to my mst file TRANSFORMS=AdobeAcrobat.mst
  8. The workstation I am deploying this to already has 2015.006.30413 installed, I am just trying to update to the latest version
  9. When I point to AcroPro.msi it is successful but the patch never gets installed

Any idea where I am going wrong?