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Finding inactive hosts in PDQ Inventory


I'm trying to setup some Dynamic Collections to find inactive hosts and i'm not sure where i'm going wrong.

I've setup one that Filters by Scans > Successful Scan Date > Before > 30 days ago and get no results. I've tried all of the Comparisons (Before, After, Not After etc.) without much luck.

If I manually go to certain hosts, I can see that they have successful scan dates before 30 days, but the filter doesn't pick them up.

We're on PDQ Inventory version Enterprise Mode.

Any ideas?



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  • I typically recommend using the Computer Successful Scan Date field over the Scans Successful Date table as it only contains the latest successful date in that field and the Scan table keeps a historical track of all successful scan dates. However, in this case using the scans table would be just fine.

    As for the filters:

    Not All Computer | Successful Scan Date | After | X Days ago

  • Thanks Chris,

    The Computer filter instead of Scans was the key. It's working now.