Cross Domain Deployment



  • Jamie Sandell

    Hi Maverick

    I'm not sure why this isn't working for you, we are able to manage computers in a different domain (no domain/forest trust) that are connected to our network via VPN. The method we used is the one you've described.

    Have you tried adding the credentials to PDQ Deploy, and then test deploying a package, and when you do the test deploy you can as a one off change the credentials used to the ones required by Domain B?

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  • David Wykofka

    I am having an issue with this as well.

    Domain A: Primary local with PDQ INV/DEP installed Domain B: Remote

    0: B (NT 5) (Direct Outbound) (Direct Inbound) ( Attr: 0x8 ) 1: A (NT 5) (Forest Tree Root) (Primary Domain) (Native)

    Everything works fine on domain A but no matter what credentials I use on domain B it will not scan correctly.

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  • Brad McClave

    Same here. I have the change the default credentials to the other domain to get the scan to work. It seems as though PDQI isn't trying the other credentials at all.

    EDIT: I found that you can select a machine, or multiple machines, right click and select scan user. You can change the credentials for the domain in question and everything works.

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