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Dynamic Collections Not Updating

Existing dynamic collections are not being updated. (Constant Membership Updating) Creating a new dynamic collection (as simple as clients that need reboot) will not work and will not populate; also stuck on Membership Updating. Noteworthy event before these issues started, was an unexpected power loss event which forced an unexpected shutdown. All was working fine before this happened. As far as troubleshooting, what are some things to try or look into to resolve this issue? Simple things like a soft reset, Inventory and Windows update check, database optimization, etc. have been carried out.

For reference, system is running on a VM with Server 2016 Standard. PDQ Inventory 16 (release 5) Enterprise Edition.



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  • If you have correct backup then cmd > pdqinventory restoredatabase.

    Or check database.. my notes from past:

    Stop inventory service.

    Open sqlite console from Preferences or cmd:

    cd "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Inventory"
    sqlite3 "%ProgramData%\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Inventory\Database.db"

    Verify the contents of the tables against the indexes:

    sqlite> pragma integrity_check;
    row 312294 missing from index IX_CollectionComputers_ComputerId_IsMember

    if you have error rows like this...

    Just reindex:

    sqlite3> REINDEX CollectionComputers;

    or whatever you find...

    REINDEX ComputerHeartbeatHistory;

    Check again:

    sqlite3> pragma integrity_check;

    "Defragment" database:

    sqlite3> VACUUM;

    And cmd:

    pdqinventory checkdatabase

    And no more errors. All this works for Deploy also.

    cd "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Deploy"
    sqlite3 "%ProgramData%\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Deploy\Database.db"
    pdqdeploy checkdatabase

    Maybe it helps little...