Deploying the agent to off-site machines that haven't been scanned


Ive got 40-ish laptops that rarely come back to base. We dont use VPN, but the machines do exist in AD. Am I right in thinking that I am going to have to physically login to each machine to install the agent? Ive seen this, but that only applies to machines that have been previously scanned.


Dan M



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    We are announcing the End of Life (EOL) of the optional PDQ Agent beta from our existing products. See this blog post for more information

  • Nope.. you should be able to find them automagically in PDQ:

    enter image description here

    Highlight the ones under the "PDQ Agent (Not Installed)" collection, select Install Agent.

  • Ack, I just reread your question and I didn't see the 'external' piece. You could just monitor the ones that show up and do what I mentioned, or you could run the linked method through psexec when they come online.

  • Cheers Brian for the reply. Looks like its a manual connection to each one, sigh


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