Outlook addin not included after PDQ Deploy

hi, in trying to use the PDQ deploy to install an outlook add-in. this add-in was provided by another company whom we are using to use to send large files thru their hardware in our server room.

i have try manual installation from our server or from my computer and the add-in icon appear.

but when i use PDQ deploy, the installation is successfully install but the add-in didn't appear. I check under outlook add-in and the add-in for it didn't appear in actives add-in/disable add-ins/inactive add-in. i tried to manuall add the *.dll file into the outlook add-in and it will just not show the *.dll.

how can i resolve this issue?



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  • Sounds like this app may need to be installed per user profile. Have you tried to run it as "Logged on user" ?

  • this works, but i will need to close the outlook then to have the pdq deploy to be able to install the addin. what setting to select if i want it to be install at the windows login screen?

  • Don't think PDQ Deploy has such settings. You may want to consider deploy it with GPO / user logon script.

  • noted, Thank you.

  • Sorry, can i check also, when i test for logged on user for an non admin user. the installation show successful on PDQ deploy. but the addin doesn't appear on outlook.

  • There is really no much you can do when it comes to poorly designed applications. I would contact the vendor to see if they have any solutions or use AppLocker to allow end users to install it as admin but without actually giving them admin rights.


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